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Building bridges in times of uncertainty:
The role of qualitative research in mental health and well-being 

Communities across the globe experience times of uncertainty: the everyday consequences of the global health crisis, wars, and climate crisis lead to the loss of secure relationships and environments. Clients, patients, and caregivers may underestimate the role of those circumstances, the years of isolation, and the crisis that we lived together and expect the same progress or performance they planned.

Mental health is also impacted by the inequalities within and between communities and the growing burden on caregivers and professionals working in mental health care settings. The QRMH9 conference aims to raise awareness of the mental health impacts of those factors.

Qualitative research on mental health also contributes to our knowledge of building resilience by identifying and mobilizing resources: the ways we build healing relationships with our community and environment. Qualitative research gives voice to those vulnerable populations who do not have a fair opportunity to be heard. Those resources serve as bridges in times of uncertainty and help the local and professional communities build resilience.

We welcome research contributions that report on the role of mental health prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation, in-person and E-health treatment in coping with the mental health consequences of local and global uncertainties.


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